She never went to art school - doesn't know much about music theory, and still borrows cameras to shoot her films... yet she completed her first feature-length documentary this year and has been on tour with her latest music project - We Are Here, opening for Christopher Paul Stelling and Josiah Johnson of
The Head and the Heart.

"The world feels so uncertain and filled with misrepresentations so singing about the truth is something I feel strongly about. Most of my songs aim to encourage people to believe in their intuition and use their time here to do great things. We have the ability to envision and create a positive future." - Natále ((READ MORE)) 

Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia wasn't stimulating enough for Natále -
so she moved to Tel Aviv, Israel when she was seventeen to reconnect with her
Middle Eastern roots and learn the Hebrew language - the native tongue of her father.

In Tel Aviv, she began performing on rooftops and in underground, cockroach-infested DIY venues with her 60/70s cover band. She began writing and testing out her original material and introducing them to the cover band. 

In 2014, on a failed trip to India, she found Providence and quickly became enchanted with the music and arts scene. The Providence locals welcomed her with open arms, and she began shaping her sound, writing folk-inspired songs, while incorporating her soul and jazz influences and singing in Hebrew. 

These days, Natále is releasing her first EP (recorded in Rhode Island's Columbus Theatre), touring with a folk/soul duo We Are Here, and performing as a solo artist. 


Though her truest expression comes through in song, Natále has a life-long passion for film. 
In November 2015, she began filming, directing, and co-producing a feature-length documentary about Rhode Island-based band - The Low Anthem

The film Am I the Dream or the Dreamer? features interviews from The Avett Brothers,
Iron & Wine, and Brian Blade
. This two-and-a-half year of filmmaking process sent her on three tours with Low Anthem, including a two-month run around 14 countries in Europe/UK in 2016.

In the summer of 2017, an early cut of the film screened at the End of the Road Festival in Dorset, England - becoming Lucinda William band approved. 

These days, Natále creates much shorter film pieces (including Low Anthem's promo video).


PVDlive Article

PVDlive : You pour so much emotion and soul into every song, its captivating to watch. What are some of the important aspects of songwriting to you?

Natále: Soul. It’s exactly that. I don’t like to think much about writing a song. I’m just a vessel. For me it’s about letting the soul take over to do the talking. It’s my job to find about three or four chords that make me feel safe enough to free my mind and improvise, similar to a mantra. I try to tune into my surroundings and sing what I feel people are thinking about right now. The challenge is to make sure we can deliver that same feeling back to people when performing live.